How long does it take to publish a book after making a required deposit?

It takes between 9 to 26 working days to complete a publication.

Can I still publish my book with Urban Publishing without taking the option of editing and proof reading?

Most definitely YES.
But this is not advisable because quality publishing is most dominately dependent on clean, well edited and properly designed book.

What is the next step after making a deposit?

We will email you a document with a few questions, so that we get to know much more about your publication, concept and the vision of the end product.
We will also require your manuscript to be attached when responding to this email

What makes Urban Publishing the best publishing house for self-publishing authors?

Quality designs, great editing, authenticity, punctual and most transparent prices' structure (You pay for what you need and easy to understand).
Great practical industry experience.
We produce book industry standard quality books (Sellable in stores)

Is my book going to be registered with National Library of South Africa?

YES and we will also deliver 2 required copies on your behalf as this is required by the National Library of South Africa

Will I get ISBN number and Barcode of my book for free?

YES, This service is provided to all our authors on all packages for free.

Do I own 100% of my sales or royalties of my publication?

YES, We only provide you with highest quality services to produce your publication, help you upload on AMAZON and receive all your sales directly to your account and then advice you on how to get your book in stores through great distributors that we highly recommend.
This means that you own your product 100% and you are in control.